Photo by Mark Gsellman for Blink

Photo by Mark Gsellman for Blink

About Sara Keats

Sara Keats is a marketing manager and a dramaturg. A dramaturg is like a doula-meets-librarian for plays.

As the marketing manager at Blink, she tells the stories behind the world's leading UX company online and IRL, from Instagram posts to the international conferences.

Keats is a co-founder and the director of dramaturgy for Umbrella Project, an organization that advocates for new plays and playwrights in the Pacific Northwest. With Umbrella Project and as a freelance dramaturg, Keats has worked with Seattle Opera, Seattle Public Theatre, ARTBARN and more.

Keats is a graduate of the BxA intercollege degree program at Carnegie Mellon University where she studied dramaturgy and English.

When she's not meeting with playwrights or writing about UX, Keats likes to hang out with her dog and her partner, the illustrator Alexander Mostov.

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"Sara Keats has an uncanny ability to ask exactly the right question, not the one you necessarily want to hear, but the one you need to. Her socially conscious mind and kind heart allow her to go very deep into her work, not only making her dramaturgy analytical, but personal and political as well."
Nelle Tankus, playwright