Erin Schadt is an Editor at OCLC/WebJunction. She hired me and I reported directly to her in my first role at the Nordic Heritage Museum.

Sara's work ethic is superior. I would hire her in a split second if ever I have another chance. She is a talented writer, researcher, and project manager, just to name a few. If you are looking to build talent at your organization in any facet of communications, do yourself a favor and hire Sara before someone else does.

— Erin Schadt
Editor, OCLC/WebJunction

The following is a reference written by my colleague and friend Christy Olsen Field. Christy is the principal of a grant-writing shop that serves non-profits in the Greater Seattle Area and beyond. Learn more about her company, Christy Ink, here.

I had the true pleasure of working with Sara Keats while we were at the Nordic Heritage Museum in 2014-2015. We were on the same team, but I was in fundraising department and she was in marketing. During the ~1 year that we were co-workers, I was blown away by Sara's professionalism, with maturity beyond her years. She elevated the Nordic Heritage Museum's public presence and communications, especially the social media platform, even as a Communications Associate.

One project we worked on together was the Nordic Kultur magazine project, and I worked as a contributing writer and copy editor under her supervision. It was a much more informative, vibrant publication than previous editions, and all the credit is due to her leadership! But above all, she brought stability and best practices to the Nordic Heritage Museum's Communications office, which was pretty much a revolving door. She was such a gem!

The traits I appreciate most in Sara: Her ability to collaborate with all kinds of people; her ability to "manage up" (with people who rank over her) in a supportive, positive way; and her fun, multi-faceted personality that makes her a great colleague. Sara Keats is going places in this world, and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to have worked with her and to call her my friend.

— Christy Olsen Field
Principal, Christy Ink