Sara Keats is obsessed with story. 

As a dramaturg and marketing professional, Keats is committed to facilitating stories that challenge—and change—communities.  


Workshop of Arlitia Jones's play  Come to Me Leopards  with Umbrella Project. Directed by Norah Elges. August 2016.

Workshop of Arlitia Jones's play Come to Me Leopards with Umbrella Project. Directed by Norah Elges. August 2016.


Keats began developing her dramaturgical practice as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University. Today, her work in dramaturgy includes both research-focused production dramaturgy (i.e. explaining the history and context of a play to it’s actors and creative teams) and new play development (i.e. working with a playwright to revise and edit their script in preparation for production). In addition to a bustling freelance career, Keats is a co-founder and Director of Dramaturgy at Umbrella Project, the host of the Seattle chapter of the Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project, and a member of LMDA.


“Sara Keats is every playwright’s dream. She falls in love with plays hard, simultaneously defending them as her own and subjecting them to her perceptive interrogation. Every play Sara touches is bolder, sharper, and better for having known her."
–Danielle Mohlman, playwright



Keats is a skilled and agile marketing and communications professional with experience with a variety of projects and objectives. Areas of experience include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing Communications
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Audience Engagement & Community Management
  • Advertising Creation & Media Buying
  • Editorial and Commercial Writing &Editing
  • Social & Web Analytics
  • Editorial Calendar Creation & Management
  • Public Relations

"Sara's work ethic is superior. I would hire her in a split second if ever I have another chance. She is a talented writer, researcher, and project manager, just to name a few. If you are looking to build talent at your organization in any facet of communications, do yourself a favor and hire Sara before someone else does."
-- Erin Schadt, from Marketing & Communications Manager, Nordic Heritage Museum


Advocacy & Administration

In both theatre and marketing projects, Keats is in advocate for creatives and communities. An adept manager for projects and people, she is comfortable facilitating discussions, hosting trainings, and designing processes.


"I'm fortunate enough to have benefitted greatly from the insight, knowledge, and perception of Sara Keats. [...] Any project would be enriched by her contributions."
– Brendan Healy, playwright and Artistic Director of PonyWorld Theatre