Marketing & Communications

Sara Keats is a skilled and agile marketing and communications professional.

A sharp & Agile generalist

Sales support, copywriting, editing, project management, presentation planning, public relations, administrative services—she's done a little bit of almost everything.


Keats studied dramaturgy and creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University. Both disciplines impact her approach to marketing. She's invested a lot of time in understanding what makes a story tick, whether that’s in a new play or an annual report.

hustle, fun, and flow

Keats thrives on teams that champion innovation, creativity and doing good in the world. She is passionate, dedicated, and hardworking.


"She works hard. She is efficient. She thinks big picture and works through the details within that picture to achieve business goals...Simply—it's great working with such an accomplished individual."

— Jonathan Shipley
Marketing Associate, Town Hall


Selected Projects

References and other project samples available upon request.


"curious" campaign for encore media group

In late 2016, Encore Media Group made a strategic shift to sell advertising and sponsorships holistically across it's various brands and regions. To articulate this shift to prospects and clients, Keats and her team produced a direct mail package and website that offers and overview of all of Encore's products and properties. These materials doubled as presentation and leave-behind materials for Account Executives to use on sales calls.

Leopard Workshop

umbrella project brand & website

Umbrella Project advocates for PNW playwrights locally and nationally. As a co-founder and Marketing & Communications Director, Keats oversaw the development of the brand identity, designed and built the website, and managed marketing, outreach, and stewardship for a $20,000 Kickstarter campaign.



Nordic Kutlur is the annual publication of the Nordic Heritage Museum, and one of the largest projects out of the marketing department at the Museum each year. As Managing Editor, Keats coordinated with contributors from all over the world, revised and edited all content, and worked with another copy editor, our graphic designer, and the Museum’s executive staff to create this internationally distributed publication.