Join me for the Umbrella Project Writers Group Showcase

The Writers Group is a one-year residency in which members become a part of the Umbrella Project artist community. Four writers and four dramaturgs met monthly throughout 2018 to share new work and receive feedback from their peers. I facilitated meetings and discussions as a part of my work as director of dramaturgy at Umbrella Project. Learn more about the writers and dramaturgs in this year’s cohort.

Three of the writers from this year’s cohort will have public readings of the new plays they have written this year on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16. Readings will be held at Common AREA Maintenance in Belltown, Seattle, WA.

Tickets are pay-what-you-can at the door, but it’s a huge help to us if you RSVP in advanced.

Hope to see you there!


by Danielle Mohlman

He’s the star running back, she plays the sousaphone in the university marching band. No one ever pictured them together. But in a weird way they’re good for each other. Until they’re not.

Rushing explores the culture of violence, the fanaticism surrounding Division I sports, and rape on college campuses nationwide. This play takes place in your town. The team is wearing your colors.

Dramaturged by Iphigenia Rising
Directed by Kelly Kitchens

Content advisory: This play includes simulations of sexual violence and explicit disrespectful treatment of survivors.

juana y carmen

by Meme García

Roughly thirty miles north of the border in the Tumacácori Mountains, amid a future war between the U.S. and a united Latin America, a group of femmes wait and aide folks attempting to cross the border into Mexico. In order to make meaning of the atrocities they begin to write and rehearse a play, they make music and food and fall in love. When an unwelcome gringa arrives at the camp with a long-lost comrade in tow, the group must make a choice.

Dramaturged by Wiley Basho Gorn
Directed by Sara Porkalob


Untitled Play About Institutional Racism in the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

by Seayoung Yim

Does anyone know anyone on the funding committee? Who wants to participate in the office weight-loss challenge? Where are we supposed to print now that the copy room is for mothers to pump? Are there enough people of color in the brochure stock photography? And who keeps eating Antonio’s organic goat yoghurt he has to buy on the other side town? These questions and more pepper this delightful, disheartening satire of non-profit life.

Dramaturged by Rachel Wolfe
Directed by Sara Porkalob